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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  November 1, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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mallicoat. i'm michelle griego. new this hour.. officials nw say the u-s death toll from hurricane sandy has topped . the massive storm has left communities along the jersey shore devastated. now gas shortages across the state a problem. alison har-melin hs the latest from stafford township. people who live on long beah island are being forced to y away. like many of new jer's barrier islands, there's mae damage everywhere. homes arn
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regained power since the stm hit - but just under two min are still without electriciy and are likely to remain ine dark for days. new york city is slowly rebounding....but mass trant problems and power loss is l hampering the recovery. as you can imagine.. traffis terrible.. many subways are still underwater.. leaving residents forced to drive or cram onto a limited supply f buses. a quarter of a millin people are still without por in the city.. and tonight's knicks..nets nba opener hsan postponed.. but this weeke's
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new york marathon is still . the storm has campaign organizers on the east racio get polling places ready bee tuesday.. meanwhile.. the candidates are back on the campaign trail in full forc. just five days before the bg election.. the president is still dealg with sandy.. but he and mitt romney are putting their fos back on key battleground sts they hope to carry on tuesd. in virginia, polls show romy has cut the president's lean that state to just two poin. romney will spend his entiry paul is showing romney has cut the lead in that state to two points. romney will spend his entire day in the state of virginia and the president will hit wisconsin, colorado and way out here in nevada. >> california voters are still on the fence about the governor's tax height proposal. >> ann in san francisco with how prop 30 campaign is drumming up support before the election. joins us with more. >> just aa few days left.
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down market street right now campaigning at the commonwealth club. and we met teachers that were hitting the highway in favor of prop 30. the polls are close right now. really could go either way. >> when they hugged, we know they are going to vote yes. >> a new poll showed 51% of likely voters support prop 30 but then a new poll released this morning showed 48% support.
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i can't let this. i have my responsibility ies. >> voters just can't afford to bailout sacramento any more. haven't seen any reforms that would give them confidence that sending money to sacramento would help. it's going to be up to jerry brown to do his best to reduce the size of government in sacramento. i'm not too optimistic for him doing that. >> the fear if prop 30 doesn't pass, threatened $6 billion in school cuts. >> doesn't matter whether your kids go to public school or private school. we need people educated to do the job. >> another interesting note on that field poll. shows a lot of voter's opinions are tied with their opinions on governor brown. we'll see how that goes. live in san francisco , cbs 5.
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>> thank you. >> with the tough economy, everyone is struggling to make ends meet. for many americans it's costing them their homes. what if there's a solution? kate with the free advice that could save you money and maybe even your home. >> just having the stability of something familiar you've had all your life. it's worthwhile. >> if you lose that you've lost a piece of your life. >> was in seen i couldn't say danger of losing home and sense of security. >> my dad bought that in 52 and sold it to me and i had mortgaged it to start a business and didn't do as well as i thought it would. >> then he heard about the neighborhood assistance corporation of america and came to an event last year. it worked. his interest rate dropped from 6.5% to 2% fixed saving him $1,000 a month and his home. >> there's such a need for both
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home buyers and get an affordable mortgage and homeowners that have a mortgage affordable. >> this morning opened its doors to people already in line. the organization is offered free advice to homeowners and buyers for the past 20 years. >> the process is divided into four steps. the first step is orientation. the second step is counciling where they work with paperwork. the third step, you meet face-to-face with your bank. and step four, the hope is you walk out with a solution. >> now, david's son is facing the several hardship several americans are. >> a lot of payments and bills. just too much for me to pay. >> father brought in son in san jose hoping he can see the same success. >> to lower the mortgage would help me a lot and not have to pay
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the giants yesterday!! san francisco police estimae more than a million people packed downtown for the big party.. and they topped thed
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"bart" ridership record by a * giant* margin! just over 568- thousand peoe took bart into the city yesterday.. that's 45- thoud more than the last record st for the giants parade in 20. cal-train reports an extra - thousand riders yesterday..d it seems most people behaved themselves during the big event.. in that big crowd.. police only made 23 arrests.. and we are waiting for word on school attendance.. because we know there were quite a few in te crowd yesterday! from miniature mutt to supe- sized spaniel.. the simple thing you may be doing.. tht could seriously jeopardize your 's health.. and.. she's saying what mosf us are thinking.. why the campaign has literally brout her to tears! ============b r e a k ==============
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in tod >> cbs 5 weather center. storm clouds beginning to breakup just a bit. but we've got some 80s headed our direction. we will talk about that coming up. >> and i'm sure you've heard about driving safety school. how about smoke school? the new rule you need to know about as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,
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good news for women sufferig from hot flashes.. hypnosis might help! researchers at baylor univey looked at 187 women and foud hypnotic relaxation therapy reduced hot flashes as muchs 80- percent! women who were hypnotized also had less any and depression. previous sts also show hypnosis can help lessen hot flashes in breast cancer survivors.
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our waistlines are growing worldwide.. and our pets are also packing on the pounds.. an estimated 54-percent of s and cats in the u-s are overweight or obese.. experts say one of the biggt problems is owners over- feg their animals.. and not only in the doggie dish.. "... if you are a couch poto because it's like: one bisct for me a biscuit for the do, that kind of thing but whenu think about it the calorific requirement for the dog is y much smaller than ours." vets say one human treat ale can give a cat or dog *a quarter* of the calories it needs in a e day! the 20-12 spare the air sean starts today... that means we all have to st watching what we do.. in orr to keep the air we breathe.. clean.. it doesn't look tood out there this morning.. but roberta gonzales is out givg us a closer look at how air quality officials monitor te air.. roberta.. is it a co d process?
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thanks, lawrence.
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coming up.. can november 6th come fast enough?? not for s little girl.. " i'm tired of bronco bama d mitt romney" november 6 come fast enough? apparently not for had little girl. [ crying ] >> tired of barack obama and mitt romney. [ sobbing ] >> that's why you're crying? oh. it will be over soon, abby... okay? ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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serving in afghanistan. it started with a simple c.a.r.e. package sent to a marine captain servin in afghanistan. but it was turned into a pipeline of support for servicemembers overseas. kate kelly reports. >> they were asking for tourniquettes, medical scissors, flashlights. >> reporter: it's not unusual for aaron negherbon to go calls at all hours of the day from the front is lines in afghanistan like the call he got from a marine corps major needing help. >> he said we just got into our base here in afghanistan and half of my unit is coming down ill because there's some type of virus or bacteria. he is on the phone with me. he goes i need 10 pressure washers and i need 2,000 feet of hose. he goes, can you do that? and i said, absolutely. >> reporter: aaron says. equipment was there in a week and so are most of the items that he ships overseas through the nonprofit he founded called
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troopsdirect. >> a lot of these items simply aren't readily available through the supply chain and if they are it takes weeks or months to go -- to get it. but with troopsdirect, they request it on day one and we are shipping within 24 hours. >> reporter: it started with a gift box he isn't to a college buddy two years ago to afghanistan. when his friend wrote back asking for items for the unit he filled each request. >> other commanders found out about my buddy's personal kind of supply chain if you will and they started reaching out to us also saying, hey, we heard you're helping them. we need the same items. can you help us as well. >> reporter: troops tell him each package gives them all a welcome boost. >> it's life changing. the morale is instantly improved. it's like a lifesaver when aaron sends that stuff to us. >> reporter: today, aaron sends out an average of 1,000 pounds a week from this partially donated warehouse in oakland. all of it on demand. and while many items are
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donated, money raised helps purchase specific equipment and pays the hefty postage fees. >> these are actually small headlamps that are going out to a unit in afghanistan. >> reporter: troopsdirect doesn't send cookies or magazines, only gear and equipment and the basics for nutrition, hygiene and health. >> realized that the need was there and i really, you know, believe in, you know, supporting, you know, america as best i can. and this is really my calling. >> reporter: so for supporting servicemembers overseas box by box by box, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to aaron negherbon. kate kelly, cbs 5 >> and aaron hopes one day to be able to hire veterans to fill the orders and handle communications. >> nice. you can help now, too, by using the link online at click on the "connect" button at the top of the page and then jefferson awards. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a week away from the electi. and for one 4- year old girt can't come soon enough: "...just bec d of bronco well, we're less than a week away now from the election and for one 4-year-old girl, it can't come soon enough. [ sobbing ] >> i'm tired -- i'm tired of barack obama and mitt romney. >> that's why you're crying? oh. it will be over soon, abby. okay? the election will be over soon,
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okay? [ sobbing ] >> okay. >> oh.... >> oh, abby's mom posted this video on youtube. apparently she burst into tears after hearing another story about the election on npr. i think we all feel her pain. right? i think we do. >> we're ready. >> i'd rather watch cartoons. i don't blame her. >> have a great afternoon. captions by: caption colorado
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this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy.
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they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us.
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